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Barbecue and Eastern Fusion Cuisine
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Unique Barbecue Dishes Based in Bronx, New York

The Barbecue Pit in Bronx, New York, offers unique barbecue dishes for the entire family. The menu includes vegetarian specialties, gluten free delicacies and healthy alternatives like turkey chili and veggie burgers. Your kids will love our one-of-a-kind menu as much as you do. We have provided nutritious meals for children in day care for the past 10 years. We have something for everyone.
Barbecue with a Twist
When Rani Vaswani opened The Barbecue Pit in Riverdale, she envisioned an eclectic eatery with tasty ribs and chicken, homemade pies the locals would rave about, and one-of-a-kind entrees drawing on Eastern cuisine influences and her more than 30 years of experience.

Nearly 10 years later, she believes she's delivered on her vision. The restaurant has one of Riverdale's most diverse menus, featuring dishes such as salmon and shrimp biryani, tandoori chicken, eggplant with tofu and roasted red pepper, as well all the staples of a classic barbecue menu.

Every dish is handmade by Ms. Vaswani, who learned to cook in the Indian restaurants her family once ran in Manhattan. Everything is prepared with fresh ingredients, from the macaroni and cheese and chips, to desserts such as pecan pie, key lime pie, and chocolate brownies.

"The food is consistent, because it's always the same hands cooking it," says Ms. Vaswani, adding that she shops in the market every morning for her ingredients before prepping the day's meals. "It's a lot of work, but it's worth it if people are satisfied."

The restaurant, which has 7 tables and seats 28, was erected only after the barbecue pit itself was built into the ground. The restaurant’s name can be deceiving, though, since half of the menu is vegetarian and Ms. Vaswani prides herself in dishes such as her veggie burger, made with spinach, lentil, and rice.

Ms. Vaswani has built a loyal following, thanks in part to her open kitchen. Diners can watch their food from the moment she begins slicing the ingredients until the second it reaches their table.

Most of the businesses that surrounded The Barbecue Pit when it opened are gone. Ms. Vaswani credits her unique menu, cooking style, and service for helping bring customers in year after year.
“The reason I’m still standing here is word of mouth.” Ms. Vaswani says. “We have something for everyone.”
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